AiMDSS provides artificial intelligence-based behavioral risk management software that confirmsadherence to departmental policies for public safety.

AiMDSS helps police departments keep the community safe while reducing litigation costs. 

We enable increased transparency and democratized Al usage to make your community safe for all.




AiMDSS is the acronym for Artificial Intelligence Management Decision Support System.  AiMDSS has the capability to mitigate risks, monitor and report behavioral patterns of misconduct and reduce costly lawsuits using artificial intelligence and data reporting that reduces human bias. 

AiMDSS is an experienced system that has been used in public safety sectors throughout the United States. Detroit pioneered this game-changing system to improve the Detroit Police Department’s negative image and regain the public’s trust.  The impact of this system has been publicly noted by the Mayor of Detroit.

AiMDSS is a flexible application, able to integrate new features as needed. The system is customizable, based on client needs.


Digital Data Input:

Data input can be received from many sources and is integrated securely in the cloud.

Data can include:

• Intake forms
• Surveillance System
• HR systems
• Training programs
• Logistics databases
• Excel spreadsheets

• Access databases

Decision Support System:

The Decision Support System automates and processes data from multiple inputs to present unbiased feedback on personnel behavior and actions. This transparent feedback across the organization provides an opportunity for recognition and management of concerns in real time.

Intelligent Management Awareness System:

The AiMDSS machine learning system analyzes multiple sources of data, recognizing 100+ Key Behavioral Indicators, and uses a proprietary algorithm to identify exemplary behaviors and also provide early detection of problematic behaviors before they grow into larger issues.

What Makes AiMDSS Different from other AI Systems

AiMDSS creates a standardized work flow that quickly and accurately compiles input from  multiple data bases, creating a data platform based upon customized Key Performance Indicators.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is used to gather behavioral compliance management data from HR databases, investigative reports, time clocks, patrol cars, and any other critical data source identified by the customer.

The AiMDSS system provides real time, accurate reporting data that can be used to identify opportunities and determine appropriate action by filtering out natural human bias.

AiMDSS processes complex data input using artificial intelligence to expand data collection beyond the level capable by humans alone. The outcome is an expanded management awareness of behaviors based on data.

Benefits of Using AiMDSS


AiMDSS’ sophisticated  AI technology ensures that the data used to make decisions is collected, monitored, and assessed with fairness and reduced bias. It is able to accurately identify patterns of behavior and help managers reward and reinforce exemplary conduct. It can also uncover patterns of behavior that requires correction.


For departments undergoing a pattern-or-practice investigation, the AiMDSS solution can prevent the department from entering into a lengthy and expensive consent decree process.


AiMDSS leverages cloud computing and machine learning to quickly and accurately detect and address issues in the public safety sector. For departments under a consent decree, the AiMDSS solution effectively shortens the time under the decree and reduces cash outflow while helping the department address any underlying issues. It is an effective solution and is already proven with real applications.


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